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Yalova Karaca Arboretum (Tree Museum)

12.06.2021Places to visit
Karaca Arboretum is located on Yalova-Terman road, 5 km to the city center inside the borders of Samanlı Village. Karaca Arboretum was founded by Hayrettin Karaca in 1980 on 13,5 hectares of area. It is a landscaping-based collection, a living tree museum. Currently, the arboretum hosts almost 7000 different plant species, subspecies, varieties and cultures.

Sudüşen Waterfall Yalova Termal

12.06.2021Places to visit
One of the valuable parts of Yalova, Sudüşen Watervfall is inside the borders of Termal District. The location is quite attractive for having entertaining moments just with the people with you who are important for you just in the heart of a natural beauty. While, you are having something to eat in the picnic fields presented to its guests, nested inside a green nature in company of sweet murmur of the waterfall, you will also recognize that your soul is resting.

Yalova Horse Farm

12.06.2021Places to visit
Yalova horse farm addresses to horse lovers from all ages with its ponies as well as its English and Arab horses. Children are introduced to horses in indoor and outdoor paddocks beginning from the age of 4 in the horse farm where special horse-riding training courses and horse boardinghouse services are also provided. Ability of perception through love for animals, competence of making immediate decisions and reflexes of the children, who get into contact with horses improve. Regardless of your age, you will enjoy it and you will be surprised the bond between you and a horse.

Yalova Walking Mansion

12.06.2021Places to visit
Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk used to stay in the tent in Baltacı Farm he bought in Yalova where he came for the first time in 1927. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who loved the city very much and visited for several times, passed through it in 21 August 1929 for his Bursa visit. A huge plane tree in Millet Farm near Yalova pier attracted attention of Atatürk who visited the city with Ertuğrul Yacht.

Yalova City Forest Double Waterfalls

12.06.2021Places to visit
Yalova City Forest established in 2005 on 95 hectares of Çınarcık District is the center of interest of tourists desiring to see beauties of the fall.

Atatürk Mansion Thermal Yalova

12.06.2021Places to visit
When, he came to Yalova for the first time, Atatürk stayed in the mansion in Baltacı Farm. Then, the Mansion in Millet Farm was built. Thereby, Atatürk Mansion among these mansions was built. This mansion among the first-era structures of the Republican era architecture was built in 1929 by Architect Sedat Hakkı Eldem only in 38 days.

Termal City

12.06.2021About Yalova
Thanks to its worldfamous hot springs, natural and archaeological assets, Termal is fast becoming an important tourism centre. Situated 12 km from Yalova. The town plays host to thousands of tourists every year.


12.06.2021About Yalova
For thermal water, which is also called as “thermo-mineral water” in medicine, in order to be used in thermal springs, it should be originating from underground naturally, its temperature should be above 20 degrees and it should be containing at least 1 gram of mineral per liter. At least 10 million people per year in our country visit thermal springs to find healing. Experts recommend that, one should take a thermal water bath at least once a year in order to strengthen their health when healthy and to strength their treatment when diseased.


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