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Yalova City Forest Double Waterfalls

17.04.2021Places to visit

Yalova City Forest established in 2005 on 95 hectares of Çınarcık District is the center of interest of tourists desiring to see beauties of the fall. The city forest is located in Erikli Plateau of Teşvikiye Vicinity of Çınarcık District and within the borders of Çınarcık Operational Directorate of Forestry Operation Directorate of Yalova. The visitors coming from Yalova direction can reach the city forest by following Çınarcık and Teşvikiye route while the ones from Bursa direction by Hayriye and Selimiye Villages and Demece Plateau route through asphalt roads. The 95 hectares of city forest is a matchless location decorated with its worth-seeing waterfalls, 2 km walking trail, multi-purpose hall, children playgrounds, sports fields, recreation and resting locations, WCs, fountains, picnic facilities, potable water and washbasins, suspension bridges, observation terraces, Erikli double waterfalls, linden, chestnut, oak, hornbeam, beech and pine trees and unique beauties where all beauties presented by nature to human beings can be experienced accompanied with all kinds of bird calls.

Due to the founding purpose and characteristics of city forests, it is not allowed to start a fire rather to satisfy their recreational needs. The entrance is free and there are establishments near the City forest for the ones to have barbecue.


It is 29 km away from Yalova and the distance to Termal is almost the same.


Çınarcık İlçesi, Teşvikiye beldesi, Erikli yaylası Yalova


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