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Features and Benefits of Thermal Water


For thermal water, which is also called as “thermo-mineral water” in medicine, in order to be used in thermal springs, it should be originating from underground naturally, Thermo-mineral water temperature should be above 20 degrees and it should be containing at least 1 gram of mineral per liter. At least 10 million people per year in our country visit thermal springs to find healing. Experts recommend that, one should take a thermal water bath at least once a year in order to strengthen their health when healthy and to strength their treatment when diseased.

Diseases for which spas are recommended as treatment:

  • Diseases of the respiratory system: Asthma-bronchial, chronic bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory diseases, pneumoconiosis.
  • Skin diseases: Eczema, acne, psoriasis.
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: joint diseases, calcifications, soft tissue rheumatism, some rheumatic diseases, treatment of injuries
  • Diseases of the heart circulatory system: heart failure, circulatory disorder, hypertension, arterial diseases.
  • Gastric intestinal diseases: Stomach diseases, diabetes, obesity, gout, liver failure treatment.
  • Kidney and urinary tract diseases: Chronic cystitis, chronic kidney stones, functional insufficiency.
  • Obstetrics: Chronic diseases of the genital organ, infertility, post-operative diseases, painful and difficult menstruation, genital secretion.

Thermal springs are known to be effective on improving the quality of life of the patient and to provide life rehabilitation on neurological diseases such as spinal diseases, traumatic lesions, stroke rehabilitation, mostly rheumatic diseases, general muscle and fatigue pains.

The thermal water is also known as “detox” lately because it strengthens the body along with purification, cleaning and consequently throwing out the worsening effects of the diseases. In addition, experts do underline that, there is no certain age limit to get thermal spring treatment and therefore everyone from children to elderly can make use of it as cure.

Children can benefit from thermal spring cures against upper respiratory diseases such as hay fever and asthma. Elderly patients also have been responding positively to cures against many chronic conditions associated with age (such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease). Selection of an appropriate thermal spring cure, utilization techniques and durations should be made with the advice of a specialist according to the type of disease.

Since thermal spring cure is an alternative and adaptation therapy, it will usually be result promising when performed at least for 10 to 15 days. The ideal water temperature in the thermal springs is between 36-38 degrees.


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