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Hygienic & Pandemic Manifestation


Dear guests of ours,
The well-being of society, our employees and guests are of great importance for us Limak International Hotels & Resorts. Hygienic and sanitary measures that we’ve increased with our employees while getting through the COVID-19 Pandemic, are aimed at presenting you a vacation in a safe and hygienic environment against possible epidemic risks in a Post-COVID world. Complying with warnings and precautions during the process we’re getting through has
become a necessity both for your personal and for public health. In order to facilitate your vacation, we need to share this manifestation with you. Top priorities for our guests and employees are not to attend social places unmasked, to observe social distancing and minimum touch upon surfaces. Please often wash your hands in due form or use hand disinfectants that you will frequently encounter in areas. In addition to the standards being applied in a total of 9 hotels in Turkey, Cyprus, and Macedonia; Limak International Hotels & Resorts have taken necessary hygienic measures due to Covid-19 pandemic, considering the following publications and declarations: 

••Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector by WHO
••Explanations and recommendations by the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board of Turkish Ministry of Health and Implementing Regulations on Health Principles and Conditions That Swimming Pools Must Follow 
••Guide to Covid-19 Management in Accommodation Facilities by Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism and “Circular on Controlled Normalization Process in
Accommodation Facilities”
••The Circular on the “Opening of Barber, Beauty Salon and Hairdressers” by the Turkish Ministry of Interior.
••The Law No. 5996 of Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 
••Contemporary declarations and precautionary exercises by TRNC Ministry of Health
••Covid-19 Hygienic and Precautionary Resolutions by North Cyprus Hoteliers Association
••Covid-19 Hygienic and Precautionary Resolutions by Turkish Hoteliers Federation
••Declarations and recommendations by The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in the Republic of North Macedonia, Hotel Association of Macedonia and Ss.

Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje By creating a Crisis Management Unit, Intra-departmental committees, and a Workplace Health & Safety Team at the beginning of the pandemic; we’re closely watching the actual situation and developments and carrying out Limak Post-COVID Action Plan complying
with designations, suggestions and recent developments. To the credit of the management, committees, and teams we’ve created under the
supervision of our chief executives, decisions are taken on the spot, and actions needed are implemented quickly.


All our employees, in direct or indirect contact with our valued guests, are provided detailed and evocatively frequent training to ensure regularity on protection methods. 

••All our employees, in direct or indirect contact with our valued guests, are provided detailed and evocatively frequent training to ensure regularity on protection methods. 

••Necessary arrangements have been created for department managers to hold their meetings with teleconference and “training programs (e-training) for employees by distance education method”

••In coordination with occupational physicians, Human Resources Managers ensure that each employee has their daily medical check-ups before clocking in. 

••Body temperature measurements are made with the thermal sensor during the entry and exit of our employees, and biometric facial definitions are recorded simultaneously and followed up. 

••Our employees each have their temperatures taken every time they get on and off the vehicles, while they commute and are supplied with a mask en route. In-vehicle disinfection processes are renewed before each service and high-touch surfaces are wiped with disinfectants. Following the safe social distancing measures, transportation by vehicles is limited to 50% occupancy.

••Hand disinfectant units are available in spaces shared by staff and in the background working units for each employee to use while they’re regularly reminded to wash their hands accordingly and often reviewed on the spot. 

••Our staff lodgings are under observation for 24 hours and external visitors, friends, relatives, etc. are not accepted. 

••All of our employees and subcontractors have a hygiene education certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education.


Our trained disinfection teams formed within our hotels regularly perform disinfection processes with disinfectant chemicals and ULV devices according to the characteristics of the regions and surfaces in our hotels.

All public domain for our guests; such as Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Bars, Recreation Areas, Kids Club and Playgrounds, Meeting and Congress Halls are periodically disinfected by our trained disinfection teams for 24 hours with ULV (Ultra Low Volume – Fine Spraying Technique) devices and effective disinfectants against Coronavirus approved by Turkish Ministry of Health.

Kitchen Areas, Warehouses, Offices, and spaces shared by staff are also disinfected regularly by the same team. 

The effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection processes performed by our expert staff with the ATP (Rapid Hygiene Control Kit) device is verified and recorded every day.


Our hotels use international professional brands on chemical cleaning products in all public domains for our guests. All our cleaning staff is periodically trained and followed up regarding the use of the right chemicals and appropriate dosages by our department managers and the companies we collaborate with. 

  • A Sufficient number of hand disinfectant units in all public domain for our uests are maintained and regularly checked.
  • Toilets and sinks, high-touch surfaces, door handles, handrails, elevators and buttons, phones, taps, urinals and toilet bowls in all public domain are properly disinfected after getting cleaned with licensed chemicals.
  • Cleaning and disinfection intervals are tightened and controlled with detailed checklists.
  • Tables, chairs, and seating groups in the guest areas are placed in ccordance with the safe social distancing measures.
  • Terms of use are hung on elevator entrances. Elevator capacities were rearranged and weight capacities were revised. Elevators are limited to be used by a maximum of 2 guests at a time.
  • All pool and beach loungers are placed according to the safe social distancing
  • measures and regularly disinfected after each use.
  • Air conditioners and ventilation filters in the public domain are cleaned, frequently maintained and repaired regularly.
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures of Late Check-Out Rooms, changing rooms and shower cabins are frequently carried out daily.
  • Pest control and control processes are carried out by professional companies approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


Limak International Hotels & Resorts has considered every detail for your holiday to be perfect, peaceful, and healthy from the beginning to the end. Measures have been taken for your entries and exits to our hotels quickly and safely. We kindly request you to comply with due measures for your personal health and public health.

  • As soon as the reservation is confirmed, our guests are informed by e-mail about the Rules For Hygiene and Sanitation applied in our hotels.
  • During the check-in process, our guests are given a guest information leaflet with the precautions and rules we have taken against Covid-19.
  • Valet Service is not available in our hotels due to hygienic measures. Vehicle disinfection service is provided to our guests with ULV (Ultra Low Volume – Fine Spraying Technique) device, on-demand.
  • Guest luggage holding compartments and personal belongings are disinfected with ULV spraying system by bellboys in an exclusively prepared room and safely transported to the guest rooms. Due to the disinfection process, it may take some time for your luggage to arrive in your room, please be considerate. 
  • Body temperature controls are carried out to the guests and visitors with a thermal camera or contactless thermal sensor thermometers.
  • Temperatures of our guests is measured by thermal cameras placed at the lobby and restaurant entrance doors of our hotels. Our guests with high fever are directed to occupational physicians. After the examination, hotel management is notified of the doctor’s report and the necessary actions are taken. For your personal health and overall wellbeing of the community, we kindly request you to follow the guidelines. 
  • Check-in and check-out of guests are done in accordance with the safe social distancing measures. Reception desks are disinfected by the receptionist after each process. 
  • Guests are surveyed about the last fourteen-day of their travels while checking-in. 
  • Filling in the Registration Cards for Accommodation electronically with minimum contact speeds up your entry process and scanning the guest IDs by optical reader instead of photocopying enables the transfer of information to the system. 
  • The room door cards are disinfected and presented to our guests with a face mask in sterile packaging while checking-in and thrown into boxes, which UVC (Ultraviolet – Surface Disinfection) devices are built-in, by guests themselves contact-free while checking-out. 
  • It is preferred that accommodation and extra payments are made using the contactless feature of credit and debit cards. For cash payments, a disinfecting UVC device is placed in the reception cash registers. 
  • Necessary announcements and surveys are made by providing fast communication via the Mobile Applications implemented in our hotels. 
  • Since the room cleaning and disinfection process takes a long time in the current period, check-in time is 15:00, and check-out time is 11:00 in our hotels.


Our guest rooms are carefully disinfected to offer you, our valued guests, a healthy and comfortable accommodation environment.

  • Our housekeeping staff and supervisors wash their hands and use new gloves, masks, and expendable swabs in each room cleaning process. 
  • Our guest rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily during your stay. 
  • Checked out rooms are left for a certain period of time to be ventilated after necessary cleaning and disinfection procedures before being offered to our new guests. 
  • Air conditioners and ventilation filters in guest rooms are regularly cleaned, maintained, and repaired. 
  • High-touch surfaces in guest rooms, such as door handles, taps, toilets and sinks, air conditioning control panels, light switches, phone handsets, TV remotes, water heaters, and minibars are properly disinfected after getting cleaned by using licensed chemicals. 
  • All towels and textiles are changed daily within the standards. They are folded and collected without whisking and shaking before being delivered to the laundry in exclusive bags. 
  • Dirty towels and textiles are washed at 60-90 degrees for a sufficient time. 
  • Expendable cups rather than porcelain or glass cups are offered on Tea/Coffee boards in the guest rooms. 
  • In order to ensure the disinfection and wellbeing of our guests, our vanity set boxes are replaced with booklet products that are presented as packaged. In addition to these products, cologne with high alcohol content is also presented for your use. 
  • Guest rooms suspected of the disease are offered as available vacancy after cleaning and disinfection procedure in accordance with the Disease Management Directive. 
  • Special isolation rooms close to the infirmary are reserved for those of our guests whose nonresistances are certified by our occupational physicians. These rooms are for the comfort of our guests until they are transferred to the hospital. 
  • The filling of the mini bars of all our guest rooms is carried out with disinfected products and they are also checked by our Floor Supervisors. 
  • Our guest rooms are prepared for our next guest by being disinfected and ventilated with ULV devices by our specially trained disinfection team after each check out the operation.


We kindly ask you to comply with social distancing notices and maintain social distance (min. 1,5 m) for your personal health and overall wellbeing of the community in all areas. Since our hotels will not operate at full capacity for a certain period of time, it is aimed to provide food and beverage services by maintaining a safe social distance.

  • All production process is maintained by our expert chefs in a hygienic environment and with quality products. Within the meaning of the Law of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, No. 5996, the implementation of food acceptance, preparation, processing, and service-presentation process steps are followed by food engineers in line with food safety requirements. All products are routinely sent to accredited laboratories for analysis for control purposes. 
  • The water used in food production meets the conditions stated in the “Regulation on Water for Human Consumption” 
  • All staff working in the food and beverage department use their masks for once and disinfect their hands along with changing the gloves they wear at regular intervals. 
  • The tables, chairs, stools, and all order of seating in our food and beverage units are arranged in accordance with the safe social distancing measures. Tables, chairs, and stools are disinfected by our disinfection team after each use. We urge you to use the disinfected tables. 
  • Temperatures of our guests is measured by thermal cameras placed at the entrance of our main restaurant. Our guests with high fever are directed to occupational physicians. After the examination, hotel management is notified of the doctor’s report and the necessary actions are taken. 
  • Food & Beverages are served by our staff at the kiosks in our open buffet. 
  • Considering intensity, our snack restaurant buffets are either set menu or sequentially served while maintaining social distance. 
  • All hot and cold drinks are served by our service staff and not served directly from our bars. 
  • In children’s kiosks, all products are presented in packages. Custom production is possible on demand for our little guests. 
  • Plastic cutlery packs in packages are available in our main restaurant, à la carte restaurants, snack buffets and children’s kiosks for those of our guests who would like. 
  • Countline and packaged products are served in our night buffets while hot meals are served by our chefs. 
  • At the open buffet, we have a special health corner that strengthens the immune system, served 3 meals a day. 
  • Varieties of portioned bread are served in paper bags. 
  • Detail cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out in all parts of kitchens in the night shift after production. 
  • Limak International Hotels & Resorts carry out waste sorting within the scope of “Zero Waste Project”. As a requirement of waste management, masks, gloves, and disposable napkins are collected separately in gray-colored, capped waste bins. 


Our care services at Limak International Hotels & Resorts Chiva Spa Centers are provided in safe and top-level hygienic conditions. Access to sauna, steam room, and Turkish bath is by reservation due to complying with social distance measures effectively. We urge you to make your reservation for a convenient
time beforehand.

  • Our staff at the spa takes temperatures of our guests at the entrance. Our guests with high fever are directed to occupational physicians. After the examination, hotel management is notified of the doctor’s report and the necessary actions are taken. 
  • Turkish Bath, Sauna, and Steam Room capacities are revised and service is by reservation only due to hygiene measures. The usage time of the areas such as sauna, Turkish bath, and steam bath is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes by the guest, and the area is cleaned and disinfected with a ULV device for a minimum of 15 minutes after each use. 
  • Bath basins and locker room cabinets are to be used alternatingly, leaving every other one vacant in order to maintain a safe social distance and are cleaned with disinfectants after every single use. 
  • Guest towels, bathrobes, and waistcloths are collected after every single use without whisking and shaking before being delivered to the laundry in exclusive bags to be washed at 60-90 degrees for a sufficient time and sent back to the Spa Center in exclusive bags again. 
  • Our guests are required to fill out a Health Information Form prior to massage service. Our therapists serve with their masks and visors in accordance with determined disinfection rules before and after each session. 
  • Massage beds are cleaned with disinfectant solutions and ventilated for a period of time after each therapy. 
  • Appropriate air quality is provided in the spa areas and humidity is controlled. 
  • The beds in SPA and Turkish bath resting areas are arranged according to safe social distancing measures and disinfected after each use. 
  • The usage capacity of the Fitness Center is revised and service is provided by reservation in accordance with the hygiene rules. 
  • All our guests are kindly requested to comply with the Fitness Usage Rules. All sports equipment and apparatus in our fitness halls are arranged in accordance with safe social distancing measures and disinfected after each use. Guests are asked to use their sports equipment with gloves. 
  • External playgrounds such as beach parkours, golf courses, football fields, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are regularly cleaned and disinfected. And also undergo maintained and repaired regularly.


It is very important for us that children, as our most valuable guests, have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Please acquaint your children with face masks and social distancing. During the pandemic, pursuant to the Circular of Controlled Normalization Process in the Accommodation Facilities of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Units such as playgrounds reserved for children, children’s club, playground area are not put into service. If these areas are put into service within the scope of legal permission; 

  • Our child guests are allowed to Limi Kids Club after their parents fill out a registration form and having their temperatures taken. 
  • In accordance with all hygiene rules and social distancing measures, our trained and qualified Limi Kids Club employees make sure that your children are happy with creative activities, games, and competitions while you’re spending moments of pleasure. 
  • Children who do not comply with hygiene rules and social distancing measures are returned to their families. 
  • Cleaning and disinfection of areas and safe toys used in all Limi Kids Clubs are carried out intently and frequently. 
  • All the game machines in the Teenage Club are arranged in a way that teenagers can maintain social distance. Cleaning and disinfection of the machines are repeated after each use. 
  • All sports and activities organized by our Animation Department are held outdoors in small groups, complying with physical distance measures.


Indoor pool, outdoor pools, and beach loungers are arranged according to social distancing measures and disinfected after each use. 

  • All changing cabins at beaches and pools are regularly cleaned and disinfected. 
  • Tables next to the chaise lounges, Pavilions and equipment at the beach and pier are properly disinfected after getting cleaned daily by using licensed chemicals. 
  • Chemical and microbiological water analysis are regularly carried out by accredited laboratories, and the results are hanged on boards at each pool to be shared with our valued guests. 
  • Pool cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out in accordance with the Turkish Health Ministry Health Principles and Conditions Regulations that Swimming Pools will be subject to. 
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that people with symptoms should be quarantined. For this reason, the guests who have a fever higher than 37.5 OC during the fever measurements and activities within the hotel are sent to the occupational physicians and asked for a ‘participat ion in activities and general space usage letter’ with a doctor’s report. 
  • If the guest has received medical diagnosis and treatment, the disease progression processes are followed by the Turkish Ministry of Health. In case of the determination of the guest or personnel with suspicion of disease, the authorities are informed, the patient is isolated until taken over by the health institution, and their services are provided by the personnel whose security measures are taken. 
  • If the diagnosis of COVID-19 has been made, after the end of the accommodation, the room of the guest is disinfected with the material conforming to standards and it is provided to be ventilated. In order to provide quality and safe service to our valued guests, all products and materials are purchased from suppliers with quality and production certificates approved by relevant ministries and accepted to our facilities after necessary control and disinfection processes. 
  • The suppliers, maintenance personnel, drivers who bring goods, etc. which are temporarily entered the units within the hotel that supply and produce food products. It is ensured that the persons do not make any contact with our employees, and they carry out their operations by protecting the social distance rule and by using protective equipment. 
  • Storage, preservation, and production processes are all carried out matching eligibility requirements. All necessary hygiene and sanitation measures of hairdressers, markets, clothing, etc. shops and stores serving in our hotels are taken by considering the social distance rules.

In case of changes in the Controlled Normalization Process Circular in Accommodation
Facilities and certification programs published by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
necessary arrangements will be made in our manifest.
All measures taken by Limak International Hotels & Resorts are aimed at protecting your
health, the health of our staff, and the overall wellbeing of the community, and consequently,
we strongly urge you to follow our notices and guidelines.

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