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Limak Thermal and Zes Cooperation

What is Zes?

It aims to facilitate the journeys of electric vehicle owners in our country and to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution with the fast charging stations it has implemented in the city and on the roads between cities. In this direction, as Limak Hotels, we have established a charging station for electric vehicles in Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel in cooperation with Zorlu Energy Solutions (Zes).


You can charge your vehicle with using its own charging cable at the ZES AC charging stations and using the charging cables on the device at DC charging stations. You need to download the ZES mobile app or have a ZES card in order to charge your vehicle at ZES charging stations.

In order to start the charging process, make sure the cable attached to your vehicle and the station. After that you can start the charging process by scanning your ZES card to the area on the device or by scanning the QR code on the device with the ZES mobile app. In order to finish the charging process, you can either scan your ZES card our you can end it by clicking the “Stop Charging” button on the Map page with the mobile app.

Charging time of electric vehicles; It depends on many variables such as vehicle battery capacity, current charge level, vehicle charging capacity. At ZES DC charging stations you can charge your compatible vehicles up to %80 in 30 minutes.

You can charge your vehicle at Limak Thermal Car Park.

You can check the availability of all charging station and even sockets on ZES mobile app.

All full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can benefit from ZES charging stations.

When the charging process starts in a healthy way, the charging cable locks itself to the station and the vehicle separately and makes itself closed to outer interventions. If you encounter with a technical problem and notice that the charging cable is disconnected, you can contact us through the call center.


There are no pre condition for membership and membership is completely free. You can be a member on ZES mobile application.

You can download the ZES mobile app and follow the instructions to complete the membership process.

We recommend that you join the ZES family in order to easily charge and pay, and to take advantage of discounted rates and campaigns.

You can request a card through the mobile application.


Prices are calculated based on the amount of power you draw from the station and the time you stay at the station. You can find detailed information about the pricing schedule from the pricing page on our website or from the pricing tab in the mobile application.

You can easily make your payment bu adding your credit card information through the application. After charging is completed, your pricing will be calculated and charged to your card as indicated on the pricing page on the mobile application’s pricing tab on the website. Your card information is secured by secure payment systems and is not shared with any other institution or organization.

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