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Pythia Thermal Spa

The Yalova Thermal hot springs, known in ancient times as “Pythia”, were formed as a result of an eartqueake thought to have occurred with the advent of thermal waters to the earth in 2000BC. Before the Republic of Turkey of today, Pythia existed though five different civilizations; those of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottoman Empire.

The source of the thermal hot spring is at the end of the valley. The hot groundwater occurs in the volcanic rocks at a depth of 2200 meters and emerge from the earth with a water temperature of 66 degrees Celsius.

The Pythia Thermal Spa Center was established on an area of 1000 m2 located within Limak Yalova Thermal Boutique Hotel. The modern interior architecture and relaxing atmosphere are waiting to welcome you.

Pythia Thermal Spa will carry you through in a privileged world, relaxing your body and soul with mystical music as well as exotic Far East trcatments, relaxing massages, and effective skin and body treatments.

The concept is very modern and relaxing there are a total of 8 treatment cabins and a fabulous collection of collective treatment spaces such as Turkish bath, private Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, outdoor and indoor thermal pools.. the perfect place to indulge your body, mind and spirit in a warm and soothing ambience.

According to your personal needs and care you may choose one of the specific types of traditional massage or modern techniques to provide several options. One or more from our exclusive Pythia massage, Thai massage, Balinese massage, hot Stone massage, reflexology or Ayurvedic massage will help you in your quest for relaxation and renewal.

Our packages are for those who prefer a distinctive programme during their stay. We also help you to assess your needs and create a unique package that is individually tailor made for you.

With our personel service and attention, get back on your feet and feel totally rejuvenated after some pure self indulgence!