Termal City

Termal City; Thanks to its worldfamous hot springs, natural and archaeological assets, Termal is fast becoming an important tourism centre. Situated 12 km from Yalova. The town plays host to thousands of tourists every year.

Hot springs have always been important throughout history, and constructing facilities around these curative hot springs have played a significant role in the development of the region. During the time of Constantine, the hot springs in Termal were believed to belong to the God the Underground because of the vapour and hot water rising from the soil. They therefore became known as Pythia Therma. Most of the construction activites were performed around these curative waters around the time Justinian. The area was also considered important by the Ottoman Medica Society in 1892, public baths were built.

On the walls of Kurşunlu Bath in Termal are five atlar steles, which were discovered during archaeological excavations in 1932. Hercules was depicted as being athletic, naked and bearded, with a stick in one hand and lion skin in the other, on the upper parts of all the steles. In addition, four gravestones were discovered: one in Kurşunlu Bath, one on the garden of İstanbul museum, and two situated in front of Dehliz (in Corridor).



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