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Welcome To Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

The historical hotel, whose first guest was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has been rebuilt by the Limak Tourism Group in accordance with its original. The hotel has started to host its guests under the name ‘Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel’.

A special team of 300 people took part in the restoration works of the hotel, where great care was taken to reflect the period it lived in. There are 48 rooms in total in the ‘Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel’, where calligraphers and penmen exhibit their skills separately for each room. The room numbers start with 1881, Atatürk’s birth date, and continue until 1938. The door of the room numbered 1938 with the infinity sign ‘∞’ symbolizes Atatürk‘s immortality.

Each room has a private bathtub with thermal water. In the open area, the glass pyramid consisting of a thermal pool and a sports center attracts attention.

The spa center includes a 100 square meter thermal pool, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam bath and massage center.

In addition to vacation, every detail has been considered for those who have to take care of business, and the hotel offers meeting rooms with all the facilities and offers the opportunity to relax while working. In the casino building, there is a restaurant with a capacity of 108 people and a cafe in the greenery.

Turkish Coffee is served to the guests in a special corner with the famous photo of Atatürkdrinking coffee at the hotel years ago.

Thermal Pools

Indoor Thermal Pool 37-39 °C, Outdoor Thermal Pool  30-33 °C It serves between 08:00 – 20:00.

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