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Atatürk Mansion Thermal Yalova

When, he came to Yalova for the first time, Atatürk stayed in the mansion in Baltacı Farm. Then, the Mansion in Millet Farm was built. Thereby, Atatürk Mansion among these mansions was built. This mansion among the first-era structures of the Republican era architecture was built in 1929 by Architect Sedat Hakkı Eldem only in 38 days.

This mansion was suited to inclination of the land and it has a rectangular design and two floors. There is also an attic. There are large kitchens with service stairs on the basement of the mansion. You enter the VIP lounge from the ground floor entrance and you enter the meeting and dining halls from there. Then the mansion opens to a terrace. There is a small study where you can enter through a door from this terrace and the meeting and dining halls. The second floor comprises of rooms opening to the central hall. There is a balcony on the entrance of this hall which is called China Balcony. The central hall is surrounded by an U- shaped corridor. There is a bedroom and a bathroom at right of the China Balcony. There are interconnected two recreation rooms. The right part of the central hall is allocated for guest rooms.

The mansion’s facade is illuminated through fine rectangular windows for two floors. The facade was designed based on land position. The furniture and other furnishings of the mansion were brought from Dolmabahçe Palace.

Atatürk Mansion Thermal Yalova

atatürk mansion

One day, the Great Leader Atatürk sees a gardener trying to cut branches of a tree when he comes to the Mansion located in the garden of the Research Institute of Garden Cultures and at seaside. He immediately calls the gardener and asks for the reason. The gardener replies “the branches stretch towards the Mansion’s wall”. Then the Great Leader orders, “Do not cut its branches, move the Mansion”. Then, in 10 August 1930, the Mansion was moved 4.80 cm on rails brought from Istanbul and the tree’s branches were saved. Therefore, this mansion is locally called as the Walking Mansion.

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