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Limak Yalova Marketing Strategies

In addition to awareness, image, quality value, sustainability and loyalty programs, you also mentioned the importance of target audience identification in building brand equity. In this sense, could you tell us about Limak Yalova Marketing Strategies? Kaan Kaşif Kavaloğlu

Kaan Kaşif Kavaloğlu (Limak Hotels- CEO) | The historical hotel, whose first guest was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has been reconstructed by the Limak Tourism Group in accordance with the original and has been taken into service in August 2010. All our rooms have private bathtubs with thermal water. Our room numbers consist of the years from Atatürk’s birth (1881) to his death (1938). There is a total of 1,000 m2 spa area including indoor and outdoor thermal pool, sauna, steam room, fitness center and Turkish baths.

Before the opening, we, as Limak Hotels, used the strong data we have, especially from Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa provinces, and established one-to-one contact with the guests who have preferred our hotels and explained“Limak Thermal“, which has a very special place within Limak Hotels.

Kaan Kaşif Kavaloğlu;
Limak Yalova
“, we brought a different perspective to Yalova’s thermal tourism. When you think of a thermal hotel, you think of a facility visited to find health and healing; but we have transformed this understanding into pleasure with thermal water resources that have ranked first in the world. In our hotel, where our guests primarily want to spend a few pleasant days, we bring our guests together with warm hospitality and excellent service as well as health, as in our motto.

Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel Marketing Strategies Kaan Kaşif Kavaloğlu

At the point of marketing “
Limak Yalova
“We do soft marketing and use our strong relationships with our partners from our southern hotels as a driving force in the marketing of our thermal hotel. The dominant markets in Yalova’s Termal district are: the domestic market and the Middle East market. We also contribute to the promotion of Yalova in the fairs, roadshows and workshops attended by our Antalya marketing team in the CIS and European countries. Our Yalova and Istanbul teams also participate in tourism fairs in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait in the Middle East every year. We contribute to the marketing of both Yalova destination and our other hotels.

In hotels with shorter overnight stays, the importance of direct marketing is much higher. At this point, we have analyzed the expectations, demands and preferences of our guests and developed unique marketing techniques. As a result of our efforts, we have reached 60% in the ratio of direct bookings to total bookings.

Limak Yalova Direct and Digital Marketing Activities;

  • Within the framework of our loyalty program, we offer significant opportunities to our regular guests. We closely follow all their stays and organize all their requests and demands.
  • We offer very special campaigns to encourage longer stays.
  • We prepare very special packages for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and honeymoons.
  • By using every channel of communication with us, our guests find quick answers to their questions and curiosities and get results.
  • We actively use all the channels you can think of such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and e-mail.
  • Thanks to our strong database, we use the data we analyze comprehensively and accurately for “cross marketing” in addition to classical digital marketing methods such as newsletters and SMS messages.
  • We have prioritized simple, original and result-oriented design as much as possible on our website. With the ecosystem we have established, our guests can make all kinds of transactions online.
  • With the system we set up, especially for reservations we receive over the phone, we have enabled our guests to manage their reservations and make their payments securely.
  • When Whatsapp Business came out, our Limak Thermal hotel was the first hotel to use it in Turkey. Although there are all means of communication such as telephone, online booking, e-mail, we have observed that every communication tool we have implemented has found a response and we actively use them all.
  • At the same time, we share our press releases and campaigns with all our guests on our blog page, as well as the highlights of our region, the places to visit, and provide as comprehensive information as possible.
  • We make planned advertisements on our social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, where the target audience is filtered and the message to be conveyed is very well prepared.
  • We encourage our guests to share their vacation experiences online. At the same time, we publish the survey comments received all over the internet and at the hotel on our website on a weekly basis, allowing our guests to access accurate information and comments from a single page.


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